FIMA US 2016

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Financial Information Management (FIMA), now in its 12th year, is the leading reference data manage event in the United States. This year’s event will host more than 300 guests from over 124 companies with 3 days content and 12+ hours of networking.

- Partnering Across the Business to Create Strategic Solutions for the Future
- Harnessing the Power of Analytics to Know your Customer and Determine Opportunities of Growth
- Achieving Consistent Data Governance Across the Organization
- Mastering Metadata and Proving Data Lineage
- Overcoming The Challenges Associated with Client Data
- Driving Forward Operational Efficiency for Enterprise Data Management
- Creating Continuous Monitoring to Measure Data Quality
- Collaborating with Regulators on a Global Level for a Proactive Approach to Compliance
- Strengthening Risk Data Aggregation to Meet Regulatory Obligation